Pars pharmed company started to develop trade relations with countries in the region in the field of export products, medicine, food and cosmetic products. Hence the company to obtain an export license from the Food and Drug Iran as a pharmaceutical company employing scientific methods of marketing and target markets sought that pharmaceutical products produced by pharmaceutical companies in Iran on peripheral issue. Tajikistan’s presence in the market as the beginning of commercial transactions with CIS countries is the company could take steps in this regard. The company also updated Representation export of food industry complex (Behrouz) is one of the top three brands Food industry and food industry (Amol grilled meat) are available to the Iranian quality food products for our customers in the region and neighboring countries. Given the volume of transactions in international markets products and needs of countries in the region and given the necessary infrastructure for export, Pars Pharmed Venture International Marketing and attempt to try to identify the quality and excellence of the pharmaceutical industry of Iran in the region and neighboring countries. Pars pharmed pharmaceutical company executive export of pharmaceutical products and food is Tajikistan. Tajikistan as a gateway to CIS countries can play a role in accelerating the uptake and target markets of the CIS (Commonwealth) provides.
Currently, Pars Pharmed is exported your medication to neighboring countries. According to the modern enterprise capabilities and skilled manpower and efficient use of wide effort in global markets has started. The market countries are natural and free trade zones, industrial and special economic zones and export of various items was to design a development strategy based on exports and imports of comprehensive planning can be done.
Pars Pharmed trading company acts with the purpose of marketing and selling products in other country. This unit actually sales link with the outside Iran’s borders to present and introduce the product.

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