Vision of Iran and world pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Steady growth with low volatility, are the main characteristics of this sector of the industry. Increased population growth, coupled with essential need of health services, the industry has led to the growth. The drug market is always less affected by economic fluctuations were later compared with other industries, lower the boom and bust cycles in the economy will be affected.
The monetary amount of the pharmaceutical industry in the world with more than one trillion US dollars, which, according to forecasts, by 2018 this figure will reach $ 1,600 billion.

Pharmaceutical industry in Iran
Iran is a large market for the pharmaceutical industry in the region and in relation to developing countries, has made significant progress in this area. Groups of drug production and the market is rapidly expanding; Most of the expansion is related to the field of biotechnology, which indicates the need for the industry to commercialize new fields, such as biotechnology drug.
In general, drug use, about 20 percent of total treatment costs to account for. Ten major pharmaceutical companies have a 50% share of the drug market and 10th largest import drugs, more than 73 percent of imports accounted drug market.
In terms of prices antibiotic use about a quarter of the country’s total drug costs account for around a third of sales are attributed to the sale of drugs. According to the World Health Organization predicted, pharmaceutical sales growth will be 15 percent.
Population growth and aging “cost drivers” that affect the cost of prescription drugs. Changes in population size based on total drug costs, thus increasing the population. In the absence of other factors are equal, population increase, the total consumer spending increases. Changes in the distribution of the cost of increasing the average age of the population. If the use and cost of drugs, with a mean age of the population increases, the increase in the aging population will increase the cost. According to statistics, in the past four years, Iran’s population growth rate is 1.3, which represents a slight increase compared to last year. Based on population policies, it is predicted that in the near future, the growth rate remained stable or slightly increased,
Most of Iran’s population of people 25 to 29 years. By maintaining the position of the majority, the aging population will increase the average age of this group. In view of the different sectors of society, the majority of the costs of treatment and the young, the costs of health care and drug costs are minimized mode.
As a result, the aging population, health and health care costs will increase in the medium and long term, in Iran.

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