About Pars Pharmed Company

Pars pharmed company has been formed with the aim of achieving new export markets for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries produced in Iran and the main motivation of company is to expand pharmaceutical and medical services in the whole region to help people have happier, healthier lives and promote community health. Our performance and workflow are designed to achieve higher-than-expected quality outcomes for patients, customers, business partners and legislators. we are always trying hard to be a supportive group for our people and patients at all times to provide them with medicines and food products with the highest quality and cheapest price.

مجوز صادرات دارو

Pharmaceutical export license

Pharmaceutical export license from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran

مجوز فعالیت شرکت دارویی

Pharmaceutical company operation license

Pharmaceutical company operation license from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran

The philosophy of Pars Pharmed Co.

The philosophy of each company is distinguished by its mission and this mission differentiates each company from similar organizations. The mission of an organization represents the activity in the fields of product and market. When the mission is stated correctly, people inside and outside the organization know why the company was established and what it stands for. Pars pharmed company sees itself responsible for our community and constantly tries to deliver high-quality products made with the best equipment.

Directional elements

The managers of Pars Pharmed CO. believe that in order to achieve goals, set by the company, there is need to have a clear roadmap. Thus, our company with the cooperation of senior managers of Iran’s pharmaceutical and food industries, the company’s strategic plan was developed based on export development.